Monday, April 18, 2016

Truly Living

I am sure all of us at one time another asks the question about truly living. This is especially true the older we get.

It would not surprise me if in the next twenty years we may not have a choice whether our life is truly living or not. What I mean by this is the government or some other group may decide who really will continue to live or not. Other words how are health is will decide whether we live or not. For example if you have Alzheimer’s will this be decided by others or you have stated that you do not want to live any longer with the decease. How about those who are mentally disturbed or have cancer? Even going further those who are considered special needs now will they be given the choice or not?

Personally I would find it difficult to decide my own fate besides those of others. I hope it never does happen where someone decides our fate besides ourselves.

Another question is how sick must we before the action happens as well even if we are given our own permission to end our life. I know personally I would want to wait until there will was no hope left. Another thing would have to do with pain. How painful would we have to feel before deciding to end our lives?

I find it sort of interesting that I brought the subject up because it really was not my intention even with this title however it something at some point we must decide anyway.

Besides the way I went with this in another way what do we consider truly living in our daily lives even if our health is good? There are times where I do feel depressed with darkness at my feet wanting to have life being better than it feels. In some ways I don’t feel truly living either. I do know that the time will pass though. I have gone through this on many occasions in my life. I believe we all live with uncertainty at times. I may call it living in the desert. We struggle in so many different ways being in a wasteland. I truly feel sorry for those who stay there for not only days but months or even years.

I feel glad though I have lived in times of depression I have the strength and energy to get out as well. I know that not as many people who deal with depression can handle it as well. I feel blessed that I have family and friends around that if I truly got into depression where I was not sure to get out others would help me. I do know it is a true battle and I will overcome. Ask for help if you truly need it. I really do hope bringing up this subject will help those in need. So many blessings to you all!




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