Friday, April 29, 2016

Wonderful Weekend Coming Up

So hard to believe another Friday has come. Time flies by so fast. Monday and Tuesday seemed to drag on because of work. Wednesday being hump day at lunch break let co-workers know what my plans are coming up this weekend. I am not sure what happened with Thursday but now it is Friday and going out of town this weekend.

After work going to dread the always terrible Friday traffic that takes twice as long as it should. Some people take Friday’s off and others leave early to get away but the traffic is still terrible. When I get home have a quick dinner and then drive to Portland, Oregon to visit a longtime friend.  It is only a two hour and half hour drive but we only see each other twice a year. The last time I saw him was in October where we spent Halloween weekend together here and now I go see him there. This is what we do go to each other’s place once a year.

It seems like we just saw each other and we will start talking leaving off where we ended our last conversation. We e-mail and text messaging primarily with a phone call about once a month we still continue to stay in touch however there is nothing like spending time together.

We will go see the local sights of Portland along with going fishing. We usually catch a couple fish or so on each of these trips. The weather will be nice too so we will take in a picnic as well. While we spend this special weekend together his wife will be spending her weekend with her best friend. This is how we work it out each time.

There is nothing better than spending time with friends no matter how many times you are able to do so and where you live. The same goes for your family as well. I do have many good friends that I see on a regular basis however there is nothing like my best friend. We know no matter what is happening in our lives we will be there for each other. So enjoy your weekend and make it special too even if you are not going out of town or meeting up with sometime.  

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