Wednesday, June 29, 2016


On Tuesday I had coffee with a friend. I would not call her a close friend but someone I have come to know and enjoy time with her when I see her.

We talked about several different subjects which I could write about here on each one and may do so in the future. Of course I will have to remember them as well. I am sure that I am like a lot of people I forget what I have talked with other people about in a few minutes after talking with them. Like I say in our case we talked about several things.

One of things she brought up was having friends who make judgments about other people and think that they are awful. She feels that they speak with hate instead of with love. Yes I agree with her that we need to love everyone even those who do not agree with what they do or their lifestyle. In fact I will go even farther to say that those we have trouble with their lifestyle we need to love them more. I know that there are reasons why they live like they do. I am not one to analyze people like some really enjoy doing. I am being sarcastic here.

I know that every one of us make judgments everyday about others whether we realize it or not. I try not to go very far with it myself because life is too short and I have enough to deal with outside of judging other and besides I am not perfect either though I am pretty close to it. I am being sarcastic once again.

In my case if I make a judgment about someone I try to have it go out of mind as fast as it came in. I believe it is easy when you see someone to make a judgement of them. I have to say it is not always negative it can be positive. For example if I see a man or woman dressed in a business suite I probably think that person has everything together which is probably the farthest from the truth and they are dressed for how they go to work or meeting with someone. I can say the same thing for someone who dresses casually. I am sure we make judgments of people who have short or long hair.

I have to say those who have tattoos on their bodies are the ones that I feel the most uncomfortable around. If you have a small tattoo I am not so much but I don’t understand those who have tattoos across the whole arm or legs or any other part of the body. I haven’t gone so far to say that I figured out what kind of person they are because of their tattoos. Actually the truth the kind of person they are because of their tattoos is really not my business in the end. I know to that tattoos have become more common these days regardless where you live or the people you spend time with. I think to that someday they will pay when older what those tattoos look like over time but that should not be my concern anyway. I can look at it this way for other things people have or do in their lives as well.

So what I come to say with ending this here is to love people regardless of what they look like or if you don’t agree with their lifestyle. I have a purpose and destiny to live out that over shadows my judgments. It is time for us to take off the judgments we make of others and make the best of life we can. In the same way we make judgments of others they are doing the same of us and what does it really do for us in the end. Have a great day and enjoy those who are different from us too.  

P.S.  I just have to say this that I forgot to say and that is God’s job to judge and not ours. He knows the hearts of men.

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