Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We Can Do It!

Right now the world does not seem like a great place to be right now and it is going down very fast however I still believe we have a purpose to change our part of the world.

I am sure there are Christians who believe so strong that we are in the last days that they have given up hope to save the world. They are looking at the signs these are the end times which they could be however the disciples believed the same thing and it has been two thousand years.

Of course each day means we are closer to the end but does not mean we can’t help make our world the best it can be even in the darkest of times.

When I mean our world I am beginning with the area we live and the influence we can make in our area. For me it is Gig Harbor, Washington and the surrounding communities. Also I can say the world of my blog. To each person who reads this today. One thing we can do is to be an influence to those around us. It can begin with one person who can add on another and so on and so on.

God has not asked me to change the whole world just the area that I occupy. My purpose and destiny is to give hope to the hopeless. I am a member of God’s Army so this means I have to fight and bring some light no matter how bright into a dark world. The question is if I am not here for this what is it I am here for besides worshiping him.

All this takes is faith even as small as a mustard seed. Faith is believing in what I do not see. I have come a long way in this life wondering if anyone cared for me to one that doesn’t care who does but I care for others even those who walk by me without an ounce of response.

The greatest gift we have is love. I am still learning what truly means however as a good soldier I am going to release it into this dark world. I hope that you join in and see what we can do in our corner of the world.

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