Friday, June 10, 2016


We all know that there are two types of dreams. The ones we have while we are asleep and the other is our hearts desires.
As far as the dreams we have at night I am told we dream almost every night possibly multiple ones. Is anyone else like me who does not remember any or most of the dreams you have.
I wonder to if we get older the more dreams we remember. My mother seems to remember a lot of them. She says the ones she remembers are more like nightmares or very strange. It means something I believe though going to a dream specialist we would get the answers. Oh by the way is there someone called a dream specialist. It sounds like a good idea anyway. There must be one around somewhere you would think?  
One dream I remember since I was a teenager I was up in a space ship with a bunch of monkeys and we ended up crashing in the ocean. All the monkeys died while I was saved.  I am not what the significance of the dream was but the important thing was that I did survive.
Ok the second type of dream is what our hearts desire or what we want to do with our lives when we grow up. For example we might want to be a policeman, fireman and doctor to name just a few. We know many of those dreams come true though many kids moved onto other dreams. When I was a kid in elementary school I wanted to be a sportscaster. When I graduated from high school I actually went to local technical college to become one. The school was the highest rank in the state of Washington for radio broadcasting and one of the top in the country.  Pat O’Day who is well known in Seattle as a DJ went to the school and he is in the rock and roll hall of fame too. Everyone around my age and a bit older knows who he is. Almost all of us listen to him growing up and more. Anyway I went for two years and then got a job as a DJ and newsman in Forks Washington. It turned out that I did not have the talent like many others who made it a career however I went after my dream. I wish now that I would have gone on to be a sports reporter instead. Now though writing has become a major part of my life.
I recommend that if your children or grandchildren have dreams of what they want to be when they grow up for them to go for it regardless of how much talent or lack of it they have. You see if they don’t go for it they may wonder the rest of their lives. Besides who knows they could become the greatest in their field.
So I end here for you to keep on dreaming whether at night or in your heart. Amazing what may happen and if I remember one while dreaming in bed I will let you know. Have a great weekend to. TGIF!

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