Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Funny Things Do Happen

I am sure we all have been involved in funny things that happen unexpectedly or at the very least watched them happen.

Sunday night I was involved in one of those situations. My church was having an evening potluck on the grassy area on the church property when the sprinklers came on. I have never seen people move so fast including myself. Actually I did get sprayed after someone else moved where the sprinkler was under their chair. I did not mind getting a little wet since it was warm outside. The reason I got wet was I didn’t realize that the sprinkler was set for my direction. I had already finished eating like most of the other people however it did end the potluck pretty much. I almost was ready to leave anyway. We had several people that were either first time attenders, visiting family or new to the church. It is always nice to meet new people at a potluck.

This reminds me that I attended an opening to Safeco Field where the Mariners play in 1999. They allowed people to go all over the stadium including the player lock rooms well as on the baseball field and throughout the stands. Being a big baseball fan I made sure that I saw everything in the stadium. Anyway I was out in centerfield where a lot of other people were at when the sprinklers went off in the same manner as the potluck. Again it was a pretty nice day so I didn’t mind except that I was carry some papers in my hands so I had to put them under my jacket to make sure they did not get wet any further.  I know that I have been involved in at least a couple other instances with sprinklers.

Also reminded me another instance when our family was on a sailboat trip and we were docked in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We had sailed all the way from Gig Harbor including stopping in Seattle to pick up several of our cousins, Aunt and Uncle. My older brother Dick had been taking a computer class in summer school so he and mother meet us in Victoria. I am not sure now how the car got back home but that is not the best part of the story. My mother brought with her some additional clothing she had washed before coming to meet with us. Well she trusted my younger brother that he would be able to deliver the clothes to the boat. You see he was around ten years old carrying the clothes basket he had trouble seeing ahead of himself. Though mother trusted him to make it to the boat safely she did not realize that the basket was too big. I was carrying some things to I am not sure whether clothes to or something totally different. Well on the dock he should have made a left turn which he did not realize because of the basket and he walked straight ahead right into the water. I tried to say something but I was too late. Oh was mother upset to say the very least at my brother though really wasn’t his fault. Seeing him walk off the dock into the water was very funny though mother did not think so. Now she can laugh about it when we mention the story.

I am sure there are other ones I can come up with thinking a bit harder. I know that we all have watched videos over the years of funny things happen not only to people but animals too. Be happy and enjoy funny things even those that happen to you.

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