Friday, July 29, 2016

What Should We Accept

Being who we are meant to be what should we accept? I look at the political arena right now and we have two candidates running for the President of the United States who I don’t feel fits the criteria that I am speaking about.

I am not going to get into those areas that I feel that they don’t fit being the President because everyone knows what it means for both of them. We have a third party candidate however most never considers them as an alternative and likely won’t get a lot of votes.

So what I believe is that the republicans and democrats need to change their minds on what is best for the country. In both cases they accepted candidates who would end up likely winning the race instead of who would be best for the country. I especially say that to the republicans because they have had eight years to put in a valid candidate into the race instead they have gone with the guy who could defeat the democratic nominee. Actually at this point I would be surprised if the republicans do win the race. If they do win it will be by a small amount. Of course the important thing to them is they win not by what margin.

I know that the majority have not like who has become the President in the last several elections however this could change this time around. I still believe the majority could vote a viable candidate. Although I don’t know much about either the Vice President nominees I think both of them are better than the President candidate. Now that the two conventions are over we now will hear over the next several months leading into November why you should vote for me. I still believe the majority do not want either candidate to be President so someone needs to come out and say I am the one. Although it has never happen before people can vote for a write-in candidate.

Regardless who becomes the President of the United States I still believe we can be a powerful nation. The importance is that the majority stands up and make themselves known. It is important  that the minority are heard but still the majority still needs to be counted. I believe especially now the majority have allowed the minority be heard with a loud voice and they have not responded back. I call that in another term that we have become known for being politically correct. Whether very many back me up or not I still believe in the majority and the true champions.

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