Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Looking Forward to the Days Ahead

    Nephews Ian, Danny Niece Leslie and Brother Jack left to right
                                                           summer of 2013

This may look different than you may think. I am going to a family wedding that takes this coming Saturday. It is possible that I may not be posting something for a couple days however I hope to have some more material when I come back.

The wedding is a black tie affair so I will be in a tuxedo. I promise that I will share with everyone a picture of myself in the tuxedo.

The wedding is between my nephew Ian and his longtime girlfriend turned into fiancé. I look forward to meeting her family as well as seeing my brother, his wife and children along with my sister. We usually only see each other once a year so it is will a special time. This is the reason that I am looking forward to the days ahead. Of course I hope the memories of the occasion will be with me for many years to come. I still remember my niece Leslie when she got married and graduated from college just over seven years ago; time sure flies by that is for sure. She graduated on a Thursday at the end of May from Harvard University and the wedding took place on the Saturday after nearby Boston, Massachusetts. I had the privilege to give a prayer for the lovely couple. A couple years later I had a return visit to Boston to see her brother Robby graduate from Harvard as well. Ian who is getting married on Saturday he graduated from Harvard to and the youngest Danny will be a junior at Harvard this September. Both my brother Jack and his wife are graduates of Harvard so when Danny is finished in a couple years than the family will be full of Harvard graduates. It is nice to have a family that I can be very proud of as well as loving.

I look forward to seeing my sister-in-law Anne’s family as well. I don’t get to see them very often. It will be really nice to see them and find out what is happening in their lives.

Last Saturday the high school reunion I went to my classmates is so much like family although I don’t see them very often. We plan to change that where we will have a reunion every year. This is special especially when each year we are getting older. It is nice to talk memories and see where everyone’s lives have gone. This is what family is all about and what I look forward in the days ahead. Whatever you do with your life make sure those that are special to you that a bright spot is left for them each and every day. God bless you very much!



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