Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Be Content

To be truly who we are meant to be we have to decide on self-improvement and another area is be content. I know this is an area where I can use improvement in. I have to say being content equals being happy. Like other areas in our lives we have to decide that we will be content. It is nothing that will be handed to us.

If you are having problems being content the solution could be in changing your lifestyle or tweaking it a little bit. The problem is not in the lifestyle it most likely is that you don’t fit in the particular lifestyle. Not everyone does well in some of the life styles so best to find the one that fits you the best.

Personally I am in easy going middle of the road lifestyle. I grew up in middle class of Gig Harbor at the time. My neighborhood is now very high middleclass or rich whatever way you want to call it. My family was not rich my dad owning a drapery business that had its ups and downs along with my mother being a high school teacher however we did live on the waterfront with several sailboats of different sizes and a couple row boats as well. No matter the state of our family income we never had to worry about going hungry. My neighborhood friends a few had boats to and some did not. Most of them were middle  class as well though I never thought about whether anyone was richer than our family or not. I played organized baseball and basketball growing up with tennis on occasion. My friends and I played football at the local park on the grass field during our junior high years. Although life was not always happy for me I would say that I was content most of the time like many of the other kids in the neighborhood.

My life hasn’t changed a lot as an adult other than I don’t live on the waterfront and no boats. I generally spend money on things that I enjoy. I have to say that I am content most of the time though like everyone I can use improvement. The area I have the most trouble in is being single and having no family of my own. I find it hard to live a life that my heart really desires so I am not very content in that area of my life. I hope someday that this part of my life will change however I know that being content in all areas will make life a lot better off.

So you see I have to work on being content as well. I figure that I have to block out the areas that I struggle in especially being single. Knowing that I do have something to offer the world despite not being in a place I would like to be in. I realize it is important to keep my focus in the right place. Having a wife and family I hope does come but for now keep moving on in my life. If I don’t think about it as much as I have been than I hope it will happen. The most important thing about being content is not to worry about things especially those that have to do with your lifestyle. Enjoy what you have and move on in your purpose.

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