Sunday, September 25, 2016

Being Excited About Travel

I know that there are those who care less about traveling while others really enjoy doing so. I am one of those who enjoy traveling though I don’t do as much as I would really like to do. If I am lucky I may take one plane trip a year however I hope that changes in the future.

My trip in August to St. Louis, Missouri for my nephew Ian and now his bride Helen’s wedding I found the plane ride quite interesting. The flight from Seattle to St. Louis is just a little over three hours however the takeoff and landing is such they feel like they are longer than the flight itself. Has anyone else felt that way when flying?

 When it comes to long distance travel I would like to visit Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Africa to name a few spots. Whether I can afford it that is another story however I am sure that I can find ways to keep the cost down. Although I probably can’t save a lot on a flight depending on the carrier I should be able to save where I stay. There are different places to stay these days to save money especially if you don’t care where you sleep. One option I am think of doing at some point to see how it works is to stay in someone’s home in a city while they are on a vacation. I haven’t researched so far however I do know that there are sites on the internet where you can do this.

I remember back in the 90’s when I was in Germany visiting my brother Jack who was living there at the time for a couple years I met some college gals who were traveling on the train throughout Europe. To save money they would sleep on the train at night while going to their next destination. During the day they would see the sites in the city of destination and then board on again in the evening for the next destination. I found that quite interesting and I have wondered if I ever would want to do that at least once.

Another example I have a friend Mike who is an Army veteran and he goes to South Korea at least once a year along with China where his son is living and going to school. He takes a free flight from McChord Air Force Base in nearby Tacoma, Washington to South Korea and then a commercial flight to China. This does save him some money in the process. Also he goes to Germany doing the same thing. He actually lived in Germany twelve years while in the Army so he still has friends that he likes visiting. Every summer Mike likes to go back to where he grew up in Wyoming so he drives by car and has a tent trailer to stay in. Also he goes to Oregon and California where he has family. Recently he got a new job with the military where he just got back last week having gone through training. Today he actually leaves to do his job which goes for two weeks in different locations around the U.S.A. I am sure that I won’t see as much of Mike as I have however it is always interesting to hear his stories when he comes back. I find that quite a fantastic way of traveling.

Also I hope in the future to see more of the United States however there are so many nice places to see right here in my home state of Washington that I haven’t seen before or for some time so traveling here is a good place to start. I have mentioned before that the Cascade and Olympic mountains are only a couple hours’ drive from Gig Harbor and the ocean is not much farther so I can actually take some daily trips. Of course there are cities nearby that I can visit as well. So if you can’t travel to places around the world at least you should be able to in the places nearby. Can always go hiking and camping for a few days. So happy traveling to us all.

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