Friday, September 23, 2016

Losing Weight

The older we get it seems like we gain weight and have to look at losing it which is not always the easiest thing to do. For many have been accustomed to the same diet for a lot of years and even when you try it is still hard to do. There are some diets that help out for a little while but people get right back to the same old routine and gain the weight right back. I have seen that in some of my friends.

I know that I am one of those people having problems losing weight. Right now I am somewhat maintaining the weight but I want to lose some of it. I do some exercising primarily walking everyday however I have to do more to lose the weight. My goal is to lose between four and eight pounds a month. I believe that is a reasonable for me to strive for. I am looking to cut back on the amount of food intake well as not easing some foods as well. I figure to if I lose the four to eight pounds less than the full month than I will maintain until the next month starts. I believe it is important not overdue the dieting either that can make me sick or is not good for me.

Right now I have an 8 ounce Americano in the morning however my plan now is to drink half that amount while at the coffee shop and drink the remaining through the day. Part of my problem is that I have water intake or whatever you call on my legs and stomach. I do take medicine for it however it doesn’t seem to work well so I have to do something else. Also the plan is to drink Ice Tea some days of the week as well which I feel should help. Whether this will actually work I will find out. Another thing is on Friday mornings I take my mother out for breakfast with some friends of hers and you know the kind of food they serve in restaurants. I have cut back where I eat poached eggs along with wheat toast instead of an omelet and bacon etc. This week though I am going with poached eggs only and then skip lunch or take lunch later in the day and have a light dinner. The key I believe is eating smaller portions along with cutting out some items all together or having them only once in a while. Another thing is cut back or get rid of desserts all together as well. Also I find that sometimes I eat something though a small amount before going to bed which I have been told is a bad idea so I am going to eliminate that too.

Another idea I have thought about to is fasting once in a while. I have done that before because my stomach has issues sometimes and fasting helps out when I do so. What I am looking to do is fast one meal once a week or two. I would look at skipping breakfast on the weekend, then lunch and dinner. At some point fasting for a day or at least twelve hours; I am sure everyone at one point or another has been asked to fast twelve hours when having to go get blood taken. So why not do that a few times more often. These are my suggestions depending on how my goal of losing four to eight pounds a month until I reach my goal. At that point I will eat where I maintain my weight. I will let you know how things will go. The key though is that I don’t give up on this diet. Anyone else willing to try this too; one last thing though if you are someone who is in good weight and can maintain it. Depending on what you are eating I recommend cutting back on desserts at the very least. Why because what we eat is as important as our weight. Good luck to us all.

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