Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Always Good to Hear From Family

It is always good to hear from my family whether it is by snail mail, e-mail, social media or the phone. I like the phone because it is nice to hear their voices however e-mail is good for more details along with social media having pictures. Snail mail is primarily used for the end of the year when it gets even more personal and they write about the whole past year.

Monday I got an email from my cousin Christy and her husband David. They recently arrived at their late fall and spring home in Arizona. The rest of the time they spend up in British Columbia, Canada. They took quite a run about get to Arizona this time. Their son Brook, his wife and young baby girl moved to eastern Canada so they do a lot of face time as well. Also on the way they first stopped in Edmonton, Alberta to visit their other two sons and wives. This is where her dad and my mother grew up as well. Also, they visited my sister Barb and nephew Connor in Quebec along with my brother Jack and some of his clan in Virginia. They visited a little of David’s family in North Carolina before heading to Arizona. They did a stopover in New Mexico too. So you see a lot of travel and adventure before arriving in Arizona. Sometimes they stop by seeing my mother and I in Gig Harbor on the way to Arizona. They may do so in February or March when they return to Arizona the second time around. They go back to British Columbia to spend Christmas.

You can see that I have family all over the place so in the future when I travel I have plenty of spots to layover. The best part besides seeing family is all the adventure going on and seeing places I haven’t seen before or for some time.

I have to admit that I come from a really good family and that I am very blessed to do so. I know that not everyone does. I recommend though that you talk or mail with other members of your family even if your relationship is not good. We have to remember that we will not all be here forever. Think of them as friends well as family.

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