Thursday, October 27, 2016

Asking For Wisdom

I am sure that most people have heard the story in the Old Testament in the book of 1King chapter 3 verse 9. King Solomon who has just taken over his father David as King of Israel was asked by God for anything he wants. Solomon asked to have a discerning heart because he is young and how to correctly rule the nation of Israel and its people. Also this is known as having wisdom as well. Solomon was the wisest man ever in the world.

I don’t consider wisdom to go along with how smart we are however I believe at times we all need a discerning heart and wisdom to get us through something very important. This is especially true if we want to be the people of purpose and destiny. A discerning heart will help us realize how others talk to us. Other words whether they are speaking truth or not. So like Solomon we should ask God for a discerning heart and wisdom when the time arises; sometimes we may have to make a decision going one way or another. Example if we are looking for a job and we are given a choice between two jobs which one to take.

Regardless how smart we are the truth is we don’t have all the answers so we need to know about what we are capable in the natural and that is where wisdom comes in. We may ask others for help to resolve our questions. Many counselors can give us more of an idea where we should go. So don’t be afraid to ask for wisdom. Go for it and blessings to you.

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