Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Loving Washington State

                      Gig Harbor Washington and Mt. Rainier showing off in the background

I look forward to more traveling however I know that I will miss you Washington State

All though seeing other places will be grand coming back home will be joyous

I am glad that God choose this place for me to be born

I know some leave because of the rain however I like the fact there are four seasons in a year here

Most likely I will travel to warm places in the winter unless it decides to snow in Washington

I know that I can go up to the mountains to visit snow but it is still nothing like having snow in the front yard

Washington you’re so wonderful because you have the Olympic and Cascade Mountains

Mt. Rainier I love waking up each morning seeing you

Sometimes the clouds cover you but you are always beautiful

Gig Harbor my home for all these years you are beautiful to see each day as well

Seeing the homes and the waters in the bay

I enjoy seeing you first thing in the morning to Pt. Defiance Park along with Vashon Island and Commencement Bay

Seeing the boats out fishing everyday

Washington you have so many Port cities around that we can enjoy looking out on their waterfronts

Seattle you are so beautiful especially at night

Love going up the Space Needle on a clear day where can see the San Juan Islands to the north along with Lake Washington and Lake Union

Enjoy taking the ferry from Bremerton into Seattle and walking up to Pick Place Market where the fish are thrown with beautiful flowers around

A wonderful place to have lunch or dinner eating seafood looking out on a wonderful scene

There is so much more I can say about you Washington I just thank you for being here for me

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