Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Longing For You

I have been searching for you a long time

Are you around the corner or street?

I know that you are my best friend and love

I want to laugh and hold you

You are more important than anyone I know

I have family and friends however there is no one like you

They are important to me but not as much as you

They are with me when I need them but I know you will be even more

We desire the same things

Though I am searching for you I am not going to end there

I need you tell me if you are the one when we meet

I may not know at all you are the one because sometimes I am blinded

If you have to shout out how you feel about me do it so

You are worth more to me than all the rubies in the world

I give you my heart

Let me know that my heart belongs to you

I want to give myself to you and not take

I can’t wait when I no longer have to search for you

I want to see you when I walk the street

Our eyes meet each other and we will know

My best friend and love

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