Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Very Good Morning

 I have to say getting up each morning is a good thing. We should be blessed with a good life and it starts off in the morning.

 My mother being ninety-six years old is thankful she wakes up in the morning which does make a lot of sense at her age and we should all feel that way.

On Wednesday morning I really enjoyed the time. After getting my mother up and running (slow walk) I went to my favorite coffee shop. Although I got my drink Americano with white chocolate I primarily go to see people. Like me some are regulars and then I have a chance to see new people as well. I like it especially when I see someone that I haven’t seen in a while. Also I consider it entertainment as well. This is where paying $3 for a drink is worthwhile to me. It beats going to a movie though I do that once in a while.

Anyway on Wednesday two ladies in their low 30’s I would guess came in with each other of their young daughters. I really enjoy seeing children in the coffee shop and sometimes I am able to chat with one. The place was pretty full so hard to find a place to sit. I was sitting on a stool right by where we pick up our drinks. The two ladies decided to stand however their daughters sit next to me on stools. The two little girls are two and three and a half. I found that the mothers have been friends for seven years and the two girls are very good friends as well. The three and half year old watched out for the two year old who sat next to me. I talked to the two year old mostly since she was next to me though I knew she would not say a word back to me. I talked with her mother as well. The other mother went and talked with a couple that she knew.

The two year old looked pretty serious at me when she first sat down. I said to her mother she must have trouble with strangers when first meeting. She said a little back to me. She felt more at ease after talking with her mother.  After a few minutes she starts smiling which was a good sign. Both little girls were having chocolate milk. I knew the two year old was comfortable with me when I rolled my tongue and she did the same thing. The other little girls also rolled her tongue.

Actually the two year old has her birthday next week. So when they left I wished her a happy birthday and a merry Christmas along with the mothers. I have seen them in the coffee shop before just the first time of interaction so I look forward to more conversation the next time they come in.

I now look forward to meeting some other little children. I don’t have any children of my own so it is nice to enjoy other’s children. So you see a good morning indeed. Let’s see what happens today.

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