Saturday, December 17, 2016


Hello I believe is the best thing we can do with one another. Some countries they greet with a kiss on the cheek and others with a hug. Whatever is the case I enjoy greeting other people.

When I go for my walk often a hello is all I get however I do feel good because the other person has acknowledged me. A smile is another way to greet a person as well. I feel bad when I greet another with a hello and I don’t get a response in return. I feel that I have no value in the eye of the other person. Of course I do know that people are going through things in their lives and can’t feel they can respond. I hope that at some point they were glad that someone gave them a hello and a smile.

Often when I am in the checkout line at the grocery store I will say hello to the person in front and back of me. Depending on their response I will get into some conversation with them even though it may last a minute or two. I believe we should all feel that others care for us.

Saying hello to another person could change how the rest of their days go. They could be having a bad day and you just saying hello could turn it around. I love places like Hawaii and Europe where people great as though you are a lost brother or sister.

When I was in France quite a few years ago I was greeted with a kiss on both cheeks. It was primarily done by women so it made me feel even better if you know what I mean. People wanted to know about me and we went into good conversation. I don’t know French however I learned enough to say hello, good bye and have a good day. They especially liked the fact that I tried speaking their language. The problem many Americans when they travel refuse to interact in the countries native language. Their attitude is that everyone speaks English and that they know that I don’t speak theirs so speak English. It is no wonder that Americans are not liked everywhere.

Anyway I really appreciate the countries where greeting a person is important and those who greet me back with a hello and a smile. Makes me feel really appreciated and I have a place in the world. Thanks!!

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