Friday, December 16, 2016

The Lighter Side

Sometimes I do feel that I post serious stuff here to get us all where we can get to. I feel to that it is important to write about less serious things as well.

I have to be honest most of the time I know what to write however today not so much. I guess people would call it writer’s block. Anyway I will see what happens here.

For a small town the traffic in Gig Harbor is getting heavier. Right now I figure people are out Christmas shopping or in the evening going to a concert. Across the highway from where I grocery shop and go to my favorite coffee shop they are building a new grocery store. The grocery store that I primarily go to on this side of the highway will be moving into the new shopping center; another coffee shop will be going in there to. I am sure that I will check out the new coffee shop and the grocery store however I really like the coffee shop I go to. Also I am sure most of the people I see will stay at the same coffee shop. Since the grocery store will move no one knows at this point what or who will move in to replace the grocery store. One thing we all agree that traffic will be even worse than it is now. They are working on expanding the roads but whether that works enough we will see. If the traffic is heavy I will find another grocery store to go to.

Besides the grocery store and coffee shop the new shopping center will have a bowling alley and video arcade. More for the kids to do; since I have been a kid finding places to go has always been a challenge in Gig Harbor. I spent most of my children with my friends at the park or their homes or on the water. I never had a problem finding something to do. Of course now it is a new world.

I hope you all are having a good holiday season getting ready for Christmas or whatever that you celebrate. My mother and I are still in planning stages for Christmas Day since it looks like just the two of us. We will likely go out for dinner on Christmas Eve since the restaurants I have asked so far will be closed on Christmas Day.  Going to check on another today to see whether they will be open; in any case we will have leftovers from Christmas Eve.

We will check in on Christmas with my sister and brother to see how things are going at their places.  My sister will have both her son’s with her along with a girlfriend. My brother has most of his family with them. His middle son Ian and his bride will spend Christmas with her family in New York. I am sure my niece will spend part of the holiday in Minnesota with her husband’s family. My brother told me about a month ago that they may go to New York right after Christmas. It would be a great place to visit for New Year’s.

The weather is starting to get colder and be in the twenties this morning. I will see when I step outside. I can see that Mt. Rainier has gotten a lot more snow this year. I can see it from my place along with several other locations. I hope that we have some snow on Christmas but I am not keeping my hopes up. Anyway not only have a wonderful holiday season keep the lighter side up too.

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