Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Voice Calling From the Wilderness

 I am sure that most everyone knows the story of John the Baptist in the Bible. He was Jesus Christ cousin and that he baptized those who wanted to repent. It was before Christ was recognized as the Messiah. In fact Christ went to him to be baptized himself.

Why I am mentioning this that the world needs to hear more people who are coming out of the wilderness. I know that most of us don’t live in the wilderness however I am talking about those who may feel spiritually that they have been there. In fact I would say that most people who have become Christians or have seek after God have been wondering in the wilderness at some point. It is in the wilderness that we find a lot of answers. It is the longing to find truth and meaning in our lives. We have been in a battle and we have become weary so we go out to a place to rest. Others need to hear our stories. Everyone needs to hear that they have not been the only one being in the wilderness and those that are there right now need to hear it.

I have spent a long time going in and out of the wilderness. This was especially true when I was young and a teenager. I didn’t know the truth at the time. All I knew that I was miserable and depressed and that I wanted to get out of that place. It was a dark place for me however now I recognize the light. I know to that I can learn more whenever I go back into the wilderness. We can all learn something from it even if we don’t realize it at the time.

So shout out loud and let people know that they can be free by the power of God. Amen!

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