Monday, January 30, 2017

Be Bold

I started the year that we should press on toward the goal. What that means depends on each one of us since we have different purposes and destiny.

Part of pressing on I feel is that we need to be bold. I know that it doesn’t work for everyone however something we should aim for. Most of us are passionate about something for example a sport. When you are watching your favorite team while at the game at some point you will be yelling or you could be doing that the whole game. If your team isn’t doing well you may even throw something.  That may happen more often when watching on television but I am sure you got the point. So my point we should do the same thing for our purpose in life. I don’t mean that you have to yell however being bold speaking your mind when appropriate. Actually could be times where you could do it when it isn’t so appropriate.

We have seen a lot of people around the country and the world protesting. It is possible you may be one of them. I haven’t because I don’t agree with most of the protests. In fact the one this weekend over immigration surprised me. I thought most people would not want immigrants coming into the USA from the Middle East but they decided to protest over it. It is possible that most Americans still don’t want immigrants it is the minority that are speaking out. Another point if you feel that your part of the majority you should speak out. Another thing with that I wonder those who are protesting because President Trump made the order and they will protest whatever he does. In fact this week he is supposed to name his nomination for the Supreme Court. Won’t surprise me in the least if we see a lot of protestors after he names his nomination; some people could be quite busy the next four years.

So these people are being bold in their own way whether speaking loud or holding a sign. So you see being bold should be part of job description for our purpose. I am not saying it will be easy because it will not be however it is necessary. You don’t have put out signs or yell unless you want to but we do need to make a difference.

Growing up for me my teachers kept telling me to be quiet for talking too much. You see I didn’t start talking until I was five years old. I have to clarify that I didn’t speak English until I was five years old. I spoke my own language that my older brother Dick really understood. I had a problem with hearing that was cleared up when I was four years old. So you see when I started speaking English and could be understood well as understanding others I wanted to talk a lot. It was like getting your favorite gift however I was disappointed because teachers and other adults wanted me to stay quiet. So I have had to fight the urge to be bold. In high school taking speech class I was like the majority where I didn’t want to speak in from of a group and I wasn’t very good at it either. In fact some of my classmates in that class went on to be lawyers. It tells you something there doesn’t it.

Several years later I decided to try out for a play at my church. I didn’t expect to be any good at it however I thought why not try out the worst can happen is sorry you are not good at it. I found out that I was actually good at acting so I participated in several more plays at the church. When I went back to college to get an associated degree and get more skills to help in getting another job I took speech. The acting experienced allowed me do well in that class and other classes where we were required to do a presentation.

I have to say that I still need to work on being bold however it is a lot easier for me than what it was years ago. I am not saying that we have to be bold right off the bat it could take you a lot of baby steps to do so. Whatever the case be more bold today than yesterday and more tomorrow than day and etc..  I hope we all make it across the finish line of boldness.

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