Monday, January 16, 2017

It is Love

We say the word Love sometimes in the wrong way

Probably because we want more of you

We search for you however we don’t always find you or if we do we don’t recognize you

Also we search you in the wrong place and accept something less than you

God ask us to love our neighbor and our enemies.  It is a tall order. Can’t we just like them? Even that is a tall order sometimes.

Love and hate are both strong emotions. Fortunately we go after Love more than hate. We sometimes say hate when we really mean dislike. If we truly hate I am sure we are on the way to mental illness.

Our purpose in live is to love. Not only for our own being but for others; we have love around us always but we don’t recognize you or want a lot more of you.

There are times we want to give up on you love. We are disappointed because we only see your substitute. Are you hiding or yelling right in front of us and we don’t hear.

Yes love you are so valuable to us. Be out there so we can find you when our eyes and heart open.

We thank you for who you are even when we leave you. Don’t be far away please.

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