Friday, January 13, 2017

Portland Oregon Snow Storm

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week just before and after midnight Portland Oregon got hit with a little over eleven inches and the outlining areas got up to fifteen inches.

The sad part here in the Seattle area we did not get any snow at all. We had the right temperatures but no precipitation. It would have been nice to have gotten some snow but I don’t think eleven inches would have met my style. I would prefer about two to five inches of snow that stays around for several days.

It is amazing that Portland got all that snow and we didn’t get any of all. The temperatures this winter has been below normal but we have only received traces of snow a couple times probably not adding up to even an inch except some outlining areas. Places like Bellingham that is north of Seattle near the Canadian border has had some snow and west around the Hood Canal has had some to. They are close to the Olympic Mountains so that is understandable.

This storm hitting Portland happens about every twenty years and the same goes for us when we get a lot as well. The last few years we have gotten very little snow and the temperature usually has stayed in the forties. This year we have had temperatures in the thirties primarily however has dipped into the low twenties.

I like having about three inches of snow that sticks around for several days so I can enjoy it on the trees. It used to happen more frequently when I was growing up. In fact I would have to say it happened more often then. I haven’t seen a lot of snow as an adult.

A snow storm like hitting Portland this week would be nice because it would send those from California back. Just kidding let you know. Sort of kidding that is. Also I would like to throw some snow balls and make a snowman too. It would be nice to show you some pictures of snow here to.

A lot of people are not accustomed to driving in snow around here so a lot of accidents would happen just like in Portland that stopped traffic for a while. One of the TV anchors in Portland I grew up with here in Gig Harbor so nice to see her report the snow storm on the internet. We don’t get any of the channels from Portland on the television since we get Seattle stations for local television.

We have had snow as late as March that I recall so there is still hope. This weekend the temperatures will rise into the forties so we will get rain. At least on the positive side the mountains will get snow. It is possible that I may have to the mountains for snow. I wish not to drive two hours though. Oh well and have yourself a wonderful weekend.

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