Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Battle

 In our world today the battle is increasing that is the reason we must press on. There is so much negativity being pushed our way whether through the standard media or social media. There are so many agendas going on and we have to recognize the good from the bad.

It is not only what we read it is what we hear and watch too. I hear the word fear being spoken especially among older people and those who are raising children.

The question is what you are allowing your children to watch. In our society today sexuality is the big one.  I remember as a kid being confused about my sexuality and now groups are giving children options on who they can be. They should really be ashamed of themselves in my opinion. It is one thing to choose your lifestyle as an adult although I may disagree with it another to push children in that way. Let children be who they are and not they have to choose a lifestyle at their age.

I can really see where fear is so big right now and that is where the battle is. The important thing is to think on all things positive and faith. Yes faith is a strong where we can overcome the battle and fear. Faith believes in what we don’t see and not what we see. We believe so much what is seen.

Another thing we must do is pray for our children and grandchildren that those who have an agenda wherever they go and when they are not with their parents that they won’t be swayed. We have to battle for ourselves along with our children. The most important thing to do is to instill positive things along with love into their lives. Let them know that there will be those who will try to instill negative thoughts and have agendas of their own.

Another area that will help in the battle is hope. We need hope to go with faith and love. All three of these are powerful weapons we can use in the battle. May God bless you while pressing on fighting the battle. Amen!

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