Saturday, March 25, 2017

Weather Forecast

  I figure though I will continue to encourage everyone on life and the purpose we have in it to be a bit less serious. At least this is the way I think it should be. Occasionally I will still write seriously but not so often. I enjoy writing about my childhood to so I will write about that some as well as different places in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

A few days ago I was reading about the weather forecast in the local newspaper. They give the forecast for the next five days and often the weather doesn’t change a whole lot in the those five days whether it is winter when it rains a lot or the summer when the sun comes out and no rain happens. In the spring and fall there is a mixture of both. What I found interesting is that the forecast being shown can be the same for the five days but they use different words to describe the same thing. For example partly cloudy, partly sunny, cloudy with some rain and cloudy with a bit of rain; I am sure they mean the same thing but naming it different may make it seem different. Anyway I find it humorous to some degree. In fact last night on television the two news anchors laughed after the meteorologist gave the weather forecast that it all looked the same. So you see they agreed with me.

Onto other things on Thursday I went to a physical therapist because my back has been hurting along with my neck and arms. I feel like humpty dumpty that I need to be put back together again. The therapist checked me out and let me know my neck and back have a lot to do with my hips being out of joint so she gave me about ten stretching exercises to do at least twice a day along with moving my neck up and down along with sideways a few times a day. For my arms do some waving and massaging. It has been a couple days but I find to be good so far. My encouragement is that everyone should do some stretching everyday even if they feel totally fine. This looks like something I will have to do the rest of my life if I want to feel good all the time.  No pressure at all from me. A stretching joke by the way.

So now I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to relax. Go out and have yourself a good time. This is even true if you are planning to do shores around the house. Oh yes even if it is raining like it is doing here. Peace and Amen!

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