Monday, April 17, 2017

Dream of Travel

 The first step to travel is to dream about it. I know personally there are so many places I like to see however I know realistically having the time and money to do so will be hard.

These days though dreaming of travel is so much different than it used to be. In the past you had to read books about places to see. Now there are travel writers that have blogs and vBlogs. You can read and see pictures of places you would like to visit on the blogs and the vBlogs you can see video that includes showing different places along with the person talking about them. On the internet there is so much more information than there used to be.

So you can learn more about the places you like to visit or feel like you are right there right now. There are more options of where to stay when you travel. Besides hotels, motels, youth hostels and camping out you can stay at bed and breakfasts almost anywhere. There are other options as well. People are willing to rent rooms in their homes for a day or longer. All you have to do is to check out all the options on line.

I hope to travel around the United States someday and tell people about my experiences however I know that I would like to go other places like Australia and New Zealand. I am not sure where the time or money will be in the cards however I will visit those places on line. Nice to know that we can all visit places in our dreams anyway and at the same time right from our homes; whatever time you have enjoy your travels and be safe.

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