Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

First of all I want to wish everyone a happy Good Friday. I know that not everyone celebrates this day however it is still good to say anyway.

Many Roman Catholics take Good Friday off from work. They often eat one small meal for the day and then spend the rest fasting, praying and repenting. A lot of other Christians do the same thing as well.

I will be going out this morning for a small breakfast but then going for coffee and spending time reading my bible. I will do some praying and repenting myself. Early evening like many other Christians to I will go to church with my mother for Good Friday service. I know that many churches have a service during the day as well as evening so gives everyone an option of going either once or twice in the day.

Good Friday is the day that Christians remember Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross for our sins. Not just our sins but those of the whole world. This is the main reason for being crucified on the cross. It allows us to enter heaven by his grace and love. Without him doing this act we would not be able to go to heaven because we must be holy and perfect. The answer is we are not both however he being hanged on the tree allows us now to be with him forever.

On Easter Sunday we remember that Jesus Christ was resurrected after three days. This was the final part of his purpose and journey on the earth. This means to that we will be resurrected after our death on earth to be with him for eternity. The answer is it takes faith and love to accept what Jesus Christ did on the cross and being resurrected. All you have to do is confess your sins and accept him. Nothing harder to do and recognize him as the son of God and Lord of your life; may his peace be with you today and always. Amen!


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