Thursday, April 20, 2017

Having a Positive Approach

I know it is not always easy however we should all have a positive approach to whatever we do.  We have special talents and gifts that are unique to each of us. The key is to find out what they are and what we do with them.

It is amazing how some people never reach their talents and gifts. You take athletes often they allow other things to get in the way of accomplishing things with their talents. In many cases they allow alcohol or drugs to rule their lives. I don’t have anything against anyone having a drink every once in a while but should not rule their lives.  Some people find it easy to get addicted. When I was growing up I enjoyed playing sports. School rules were that if you smoked, drink or take drugs you would be suspended from the team. I believed playing sports for me was much more important to take anything like them. I am not sure whether I would get addicted to any substance however I am glad that I didn’t take the chance to do so.

I have heard about students that I went to school with that some of them died for taking drugs or drinking. I was so sad to hear because every one of them had so much potential and died younger than they should have. Even if they didn’t have potential to do good things it is still sad.  If you are struggling with alcohol or drugs be sure to find someone to get some help.

There are a lot of other things that we all struggle with in one form or another. They may not be as detrimental however we still should go to someone that we trust to help us out.

 I believe anything that hurts us when it comes to relationships with others especially family we need help before worse things happen to us. We need to speak to those we know that are having problems to help them out. I believe it is part of our purpose and destiny. If you feel that helping others in this manner isn’t your gifting or talent find someone that does. The most important thing is those to us know that we care for them and we will encourage them even if we don’t have all the answers.  In many cases people need someone listen to them. I believe this is a good way to have a positive approach in our lives.  When circumstances happen that we feel hurt we can draw on this positive approach. Another name for it we can call faith. I look forward to hearing comments about this if you like. Many blessings to you. Amen!

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