Saturday, June 17, 2017

What Is Your Goal?

 When it comes to your life whether professionally or personally what is your goals?

Another way to look at it have you met those goals or do you feel that you have more to accomplish. I know for me personally I still have a ways to go. The importance is to press on and never give up no matter where you are on those goals.

If you have met your goals do you feel that you can further or that what you have done is enough? I think we can all go further however I would never want anyone to have high expectations that no one can meet. Your goals should be realistic in every way. I don’t think the goals should include making a lot of money or putting in a lot hours if it is professionally. Your personal goals should be additional to your professional goals. A lot of the personal goals should include your family and friends.

I feel this year is for us to press on toward the mark and what that mark will be each individually. Also I think you should be happy about accomplishing your goals and that the goals are more about others than yourself. I have mentioned before our purpose and destiny should always be about others who we spend time with and help them become better people. We can mentor others and at the same time be mentored ourselves. We can give and receive from anyone. Other words we can learn something new every day. If we can’t than we have no worth to anyone. I know that sounds harsh however I believe it is true as well. I am sure everyone has heard about the Good Samaritan. This is the kind of person we should be. Good luck in meeting your goals and have a great weekend.

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