Thursday, August 10, 2017

Aches and Pains

The older we get the more aches and pains we get. I figure that we have to be wise in what we do about them or we can go crazy. Of course we may anyway.
The last couple days I favored my left leg while out walking. I was able to make it all forty minutes but was not easy. I figure favoring my leg is sort of like my mother does with keeping her balance. She does a good job in walking but she is real careful with her balance. Sometimes I think she is more careful than needs to be however I do understand why.
Yesterday when I was walking and being close to the half way mark my left leg was bothering me. I figure this is another way of pressing on. I could have turned around and headed back home however I decided that I was going to make the half way mark before doing so. It wasn’t real easy but I was glad that I did. I walked a little slower on the way back however it did feel better. Again this morning I will do the same thing once again.
Exercise and stretching helps with dealing with the aches and pains; the more that I do them the less of the pain. Not an easy task however it is something we must do. Like my mother and other older people say that getting old is not fun at all.
I feel fortunate that my aches and pains are smaller than others I see throughout the day. It is hard to believe how many deal with it. They do some things that I would not ever do because how much effort it takes to accomplish the tasks.  I figure a lot of people feel that they can’t ask for help or that they don’t want help. They would rather deal with the pain than being helped.
This is the reason that I work at walking and staying in shape the best I can because I don’t want to be in a place where I do have to ask for help. I am thankful for my life however at the same time I want to live on my own terms as well in some ways. I take the medicine prescribed by my doctor and do the best in what they tell me to do so that I can keep a quality of life when being older. Not easy to do but I feel that it will benefit me in the end. God bless and good health to you!

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