Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Life Goes On

What I am writing here is nothing new. We all know that life goes on. Somethings don’t work out like we would want them to while we have surprises to.

We all look back on our past as well. The important thing is not to live there or dwell on it too much. It is really good to think about the good memories however we know that there are regrets and hurts too. The regrets we know to forgive ourselves and hurts to forgive others. Not an easy thing to always do but we will be healthier this way in our daily lives.

I find the hardest part of the past and in some degree the present is desires that have not been fulfilled. I feel in my case that some will never come to pass though they can be different in a way as well. Other desires I hope that they will happen today though I know it could be days or years. This is where healing must come into my heart. Instead of feeling depressed these desires haven’t happened yet to look forward to the day that they do. This is where pressing on and never giving up comes about though not easy and why healing must occur.

I know that life is short that is what most people think but I feel that the past was another life. Although I have the memories, regrets and hurts they feel to me like they happened in another life.

Right now we have to deal with the present and learn from the past. Other words not have new regrets or hurts however I know they will happen and we have to forgive them as well. While we call present today we must enjoy the good times and work out the hard times. We do it all with perseverance and joy. We may have to laugh when we have sorrow. We don’t know how many of days left in this short life but we must make the best of them. Most of all have hope, joy, peace and love.

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