Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Continue Encouraging

I have mentioned before it is important to continue encouraging others and that can include us as well.

I figure whatever I write here whether it is memories that I recall or what is going in my life or ours as a unit it is meant to encourage.

In the beginning of this year I mentioned about pressing on and that is the key to encourage. We can’t ever give up even when it feels like we should. Pressing on is like running a race and never stopping until we finish across the line. We may fall and have injuries however we will make it. We do this not for our own self but for others.

Encouraging others can come in many different forms. It can be with our character on how people see us do things on a daily basis or our speech. It can go beyond them as well. Like I say encouraging others is what we do twenty-four hours a day.  Often people see us for our actions not necessarily our words. I have had people encourage me just by saying keep it up. They are more encouraged by what I do instead of what I say. Peace be with you until next time.

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