Friday, October 13, 2017

Life is a Journey

We can describe life in many different ways. One way is as a journey. We find along the way there is a lot of twist and turns. In some ways it is like when driving my car I plan to go another way however the car decides to turn the direction I usually go and then I have turn around to go the direction I had planned in the beginning.

We can all agree that our lives are short however each day has its own unique ways. We can make today a journey in itself not knowing how it will turn out and whether tomorrow will come. So far I have had plenty of todays. When that will end it is anyone’s guess including my own but I will continue to enjoy the journey the best I can.

I look back to the memories of yester year some that are strong in my mind while others are vague. Even the strong ones have holes in them as well. The most important little journey’s we remember whether it was a trip or a birthday party or a holiday. I remember the journey our family  took across Canada and Eastern USA when I was twelve during the whole summer. Much of that trip I don’t remember but there are certain things that I do remember. The things that I remember still make that journey so vivid in my mind. Most of those places we journeyed into I haven’t been back however I hope that I will someday.

A couple weeks ago having breakfast with a group that my mother and I meet for breakfast every Friday one of the guys told us about his trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia. He went there because his father and grandfather were born in Halifax. He told us the places he saw around Halifax which brought me back to the memories I had visiting there on that trip. One of my favorite spots was Peggy’s Cove which is real close to Halifax and running on these large rocks. It was so much fun for my brothers and I that still remember that to this day.

What is so good about social media not only we can tell our stories of journeys we can read about our friends and their friends about their journeys as well. So today make the most out of your journey and have it remembered in your mind to tell others about.    

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