Friday, November 17, 2017


What we should do is to edify our family, friends and those close to us.  You may want to know what edify means. It is like encouragement however I put it at a higher level.

Edify means to build and instruct others in the act of morals and spirituality. I see that is my calling besides encouragement. Like I say it is a higher level than encouraging someone. In my mind it means that you take a serious and important role in another person’s life.  The role of a mentor is someone who is edifying the person or persons that they are mentoring.

The person who is being mentored usually goes to the mentor because they need or want help in a certain area of their lives and that generally is spiritually. They see in the mentor someone that they would like to become. So this is where edifying comes in. Every word and action that the mentor does is to build them up. Sometimes though it means that they have to be honest as well; another way I would call it as tough love. The person who is being mentored may not feel that they are being edified however they really are and the purpose for them to change some aspects of their lives. It is the reason they have to remember that they went to the mentor in the first place.  The mentor though has to remember not to put it on too thick though and the mentored may be too fragile to accept. This would have to happen after they have been having a relationship for some time. I know to that an experienced mentor already knows this and it primarily for someone who has just become a mentor. Of course an experienced mentor may need to be reminded once in a while as well.

Since edify and encouragement are tied together really close being a friend you can do this as well. I know that I feel better others lift me up even if I don’t consider them a mentor just someone I admire. Until next time have a good and wonderful weekend. Keep a smile on your face too.

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