Monday, November 13, 2017

Being Better

I have to say I really didn’t know what to name this post so decided on being better.

I know it happening all over the country however in Gig Harbor there are so many large homes being built these days. I am not sure how anyone can really afford them unless your filthy rich which must be the case. Most of the homes are over $2 million so the cost of living here is sky rocketing that is for sure.

Last week in the mayoral race in Gig Harbor the incumbent lost to a long time retired businessman. Primarily the reason because of so many large developments taking place in and around the town; I find it amazing because no matter what Gig Harbor will always be a small town even with more homes being built just the average family isn’t going to be able to afford living here. The new mayor plans to cut back on the large developments while at the same time having small developments. Currently the small developments the homes are gigantic as well. I am not sure what the square footage is however has to be over thousand square easily.

I am sure most of these homes being sold to families that are moving in from California and other areas that are accustomed to having large homes. My neighborhood I grew up in most of those houses large as well. I am glad that the house I grew up in is still standing because most of those houses have been torn down and replaced by much larger homes.

Even if I had the money to buy a home like them I would not do so. I would use the money in other ways than putting them into a house although I am sure they are used as investment along with being lived in. It is the same way I feel about having an expensive car as well which some of them have too. In that neighborhood there is a lot of waterfront property so many have large boats as well with fancy docks. We had boats and a dock when I was growing up however nothing like these. I guess we could call it progress however I would use the money if I had it with helping others and traveling. I am one that prefers having a modest home and vehicle. I can see how people would want to have the castle being their home. Thinking more about it some of them I am sure can afford to travel as well. In the end though when it comes to homes being bigger better; whatever the case these homes should not change the way I live unless at some point I may have to move because of the high cost of living in Gig Harbor. In the future I hope to do some traveling so it could be a moot point as well. Gig Harbor will always be my home in my heart however I will find other places to see as well. Only the future will tell how things will be. We all need to live out the purpose and destiny that we have been created to be.

                                         A photo showing a part of Gig Harbor waterfront

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