Monday, November 6, 2017

Tragedy Hits Again

 One thing I am learning about life there are some things that are not going to change no matter what happens.

On Sunday another mass shooting happened this time in Sutherland Springs Texas at the First Baptist Church where at least twenty-six lives were lost. President Donald Trump on his trip in Japan said the tragedy had to with mental illness and not a gun control issue. President Trump was backed by the National Rifle Association and other gun groups when he ran for election so it says something there in my mind.

I wonder if the second amendment about all people having the right to guns is out of date and no longer reality. Of course the National Rifle Association has a lot of power so that is why I say probably nothing is going to change.

President Trump said that mental illness laws have to change which I agree. Anyone who shoots a lot of people has a problem with mental illness or what I may call having demons. I know these days most people in countries like the United States don’t believe in demons and they explain it instead that they are mentally ill which I think is the same thing. Of course can’t go around every fox hole and believe someone has demons however if you believe in the supernatural there is truth about demons.

So whether it is called gun control or another name something has to be done where the wrong people don’t have guns. Those that are responsible types and have guns for hunting and target practice should be allowed to have guns registered in the right manner. There should be a database where everyone that is diagnosed with mental illness can’t buy a gun. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about it that there could be one already in place. It goes beyond mental illness though because there are people with strong ideas about issues where they may be dangerous anyway.

What I do know regardless of what President Trump said and the members of the National Rifle Association believe gun controls need to happen so that guns don’t get into the wrong hands. It will still not stop all together for someone to do a mass shooting but at least there will be safeguards in place. I know that there are smarter people than me on this issue to get things done.

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