Thursday, December 28, 2017

Going Into New Year


Here we are ready to start a new year. I am not really into New Year’s resolution however it is important to make plans. I am sure with the new year some people will be moving or taking a new job. This definitely takes adjustments well as planning.
Currently I am a care giver for my mother who is 97 years old. She is in pretty good health for her age however she won’t live forever; at least I don’t think so. LOL.  I have some ideas what I will do when she is gone. For instance I would like to do some traveling and of course I will take you all on the adventure with me on this blog. I will have to downsize so that will take some time. My sister and brother along with their children will take some of the items while we will likely sell some as well. Going to travel I will have to put remaining items into storage. Even if I were to stay in Gig Harbor I would move to a smaller apartment. I would not need to space that she and I have right now. To stay in the current apartment I would have to take on a couple roommates which isn’t the easiest thing to do as most would know. A smaller apartment I would still look at getting a roommate to keep my cost down. With the rising of development in the area the cost of renting continues going up.
Early January most everyone here in the area will have to make an adjustment because one of our grocery stores is closing while another is moving to a new location. The new location will be at least twice as big as the current location. The store that is closing is owned by the same company that runs the store that is moving. What will be interesting is to see what moves into the old location along with the store that is closing. We have heard rumors what may move into the old location however nothing on the one that is closing. The one that is closing the announcement was just within the last month so I am sure the shopping center is only in planning stages of who may move in and agreements would have to be filed. So now this area of Gig Harbor there will be now two grocery stores instead of three. Many of those shopping at the store that is closing will likely go to the one that is opening the new location at the beginning. I actually shopped at all three grocery stores depending on the items I had to purchase. The reason is some items one store had the others didn’t. For example my mother likes a specific yogurt the store that is closing only provided. I hope one of the two remaining stores will have the yogurt. I am pretty sure the new store will have the yogurt.
Another change in Gig Harbor for 2018 is a new mayor and city council. They were voted in by a large margin because they promised to decrease the development that has been going on in Gig Harbor. The cost of living continues going up at a high rate. I am sure many other areas are going through the same thing. Seattle being about an hour or a little longer to commute depending on traffic many new people to the area taking jobs primarily in high tech are moving into the suburbs like Gig Harbor because the cost of living in Seattle is skyrocketing so that means the costs are going up here as well. The rate that the cost is going if it continued many of those like myself living here a long time won’t be able to afford living here. This was the platform that the new mayor came in to keep the cost down and the development. It is hard to believe how large the homes that are being built in the area as well. The house I grew up in was good size in its day and is one of only four that is still remaining in the neighborhood. All the rest of the homes have been replaced by a lot larger homes. In fact I would say that they are at least twice as big as my old house. Also many of the homes being built are really close to each other. Not much of a yard to speak of that is for sure.
So whatever changes that are in the works for the new year don’t go into the whole resolution thing just plan right now what you want to have for changes and the best of luck to you.

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