Sunday, December 24, 2017

Love Today

This is Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas to you all. We all know that Christ was not born at this time most likely however the Christian church decided a long time ago to celebrate it on this date.

Jesus Christ birth that leads to his death in his early thirties on the cross to die for our sins is a love story by God. You see God loves us so much that he wanted each one of us to be with him heaven however only the righteous can enter heaven. You see none of us can or deserve to be in heaven because of our sin. You may believe that you’re a good person but if you have sinned even once than you have disqualified yourself to enter heaven. The truth is no matter how good we think we are we all have blown it. We all have sinned so on our own we can’t enter heaven however God decided he had to find a way for us to be righteous. The reason we die is because of our sin which goes back to the time of Adam and Eve.

So God decided to send his Son Jesus Christ into the world to die for us. He had no sin however he put every sin on himself that has ever been committed by all mankind when he went onto the cross. So you now are righteous if you believe in Jesus Christ and accepted to enter heaven no matter how many sins you have committed. The key is to ask for forgiveness and turn your life over to him. I know it may be simple however it is the reason so many can’t believe because either they can’t believe for being so simple or they don’t deserve to be forgiven. Whatever the reason you may have not accepted Christ yet this can be the day that you do. This day can be the day that your life changes forever.

When the wise men or the three Kings or whoever they were came to bring gifts at the birth of Jesus Christ they thought he was the Messiah. This is who he was however they didn’t know that he was much more. They had no idea that he came to live for the reason to die on the cross for them and all mankind. Rejoice in the birth of Christ and accept him today. This is what true love is today! Amen!

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