Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Battle

We all know that there are wars and rumors of wars going on around the world. In fact some of you reading this are likely in areas that such things are happening right now. Here in United States we are in wars that are primarily outside the country and we are being protected by our military. Our borders are being protected to at some degree or another that terrorists won’t come in and then a war that hurts many which the one against drugs.

Another war or what I call battle is within each of our minds. I was reading yesterday in the Bible in the second book of Chronicles in chapter twenty that God told King Jehoshaphat of Judah that he didn’t have to be discouraged going into battle because the battle actually wasn’t his however the Lord’s. When I read that I thought well I must write and mention that here in this blog.

We all have something in the mind that we battle each day. I know that I certainly do and often it has to do with discouragement. Though I feel that my purpose and destiny is to encourage others this where the battle is for me; so this scripture that I read I now realize that this battle is not my alone. In fact the battle actually is the Lord and he will be victorious in my life long as I have the faith to trust him that he will win. I am not saying it will be easy and that I will have to give it over to him every day. I have been fighting this battle most of my life however now it is times to end it. So today right now I am giving it to God and for him to fight for me because that is what he was telling me when I read those words to Jehoshaphat. My encouragement to you is for you to trust God and give him what you are battling in your mind. He will take care of it no matter how hard can be to trust and turn the matter over to him. So in line with what I mentioned before about this year let’s do it we can do this too.   

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