Friday, January 19, 2018


These days it seems so hard to find an honest person. Actually I know that most people are honest but at the same time there are so many that are trying to scam people whether it is on the internet or over the phone. We all have to be careful because so much talk sounds like truth but it is not at all.

If you have been approached about sending money don’t do so when not knowing the person or organization. With the tragedies going on in the world it is important to find out who they are before giving money to a worthy cause.  I recommend giving only to an organization or person that you already heard of. Also remember if it is too good to be true it likely is.

Often I have received emails telling me that I have won a lot of money. I never respond to them either since they ask for my information like address and social security. I have even been asked to give my credit card number as well. It happens so often that I could become paranoid as well however there are truthful people and organizations out there we just have to be careful.

I have encouraged for many becoming mentors or be mentored. I believe we need to be careful in this arena as well. Only help or be helped by someone you know or learn more about them. Even someone you know can be dishonest. I know by experience. I have had roommates that were dishonest with me and I had to ask them to leave.  Just because someone looks or acts good on the outside doesn’t mean they are. It is really sad that we live in a world like this. Just saying be careful so you don’t get burned.

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