Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sad Stories

This morning I was reading on social media story about Braden Bishop a minor league player for the Seattle Mariners telling about his mother who has Alzheimer’s. He didn’t mix words how she is living with that disease right now. He has his own foundation to raise awareness and funds to fight for a cure of this horrible disease.

What Braden was sharing we know that thousands if not millions of people and families are going through the same thing every day. Alzheimer’s is close in my family as well. Also there are others like dementia and ALS to name just a couple. I had a classmate who died last year of ALS and I knew another student I grew up with who lost his life a few years ago from that to.

These are not only sad stories in my mind but it makes me mad as well. Being a Christian it is upsetting to think that so many are bound up and can’t do anything for themselves. Also makes me feel grateful and blessed that my health in general is pretty good.

I figure not only we should help people like Braden and his mother to make awareness along with a cure we need to pray for healing and restoration. God is a miracle God and he needs to hear from his children to heal those we know and don’t know with all these diseases. It makes me mad to think that the devil has these people bound up so right now I am praying that the devil release these people. You don’t have a right to any of them. They are children of the living God. Take your hands off of them in Jesus Christ name. We rebuke you Satan in Christ name. Bring healing to these people. Amen!

I look to hear about people who become released of these diseases in miraculous ways. If you have loved ones with any of these terrible diseases I am thinking of you and release you of the burdens as well. Amen!

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