Sunday, February 25, 2018

Coming To The End

We all know that there is a beginning and an end to everything; of course we know that is true for our lives for sure.

The 2018 Winter Olympics just ended and some of the participates will work to get back to the next one in 2022 while others completed their Olympic experience. For them they may go into coach or some other field or career. I am sure they will still enjoy their sport.

We should all enjoy where we are at right now because we know at some point we will be finished. There will be those who will know our accomplished and others that will not. The importance is to the very best we can just like these athletes. We will have our ups and downs along the way but we can enjoy and hopefully others will learn from our experience.

Whether we are still doing what we have had love for or moved on because of circumstances it is good that we share these things with others. We can be their coach or mentor and encourage them to go for it until they can’t go any further. Peace, love and good will to you.

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