Monday, February 26, 2018

What Is On My Mind?

I have to admit today there is a lot on my mind so I am not sure where to go with it in general anyway. I figured it has to be encouraging though it may not sound that way to some.

When it comes to politics and gun control to mention I believe we are all wrong. At least here in the USA so I start out that I am wrong.

We have people that are on the far left and those are on the far right when it comes to politics along with all those somewhere in between. I won’t say where I am at when it comes to politics because it doesn’t really matter in whole scope of things. Everyone seems to want to debate about the issues but I see that we are wrong. It is important that for things to change in our country we have to admit that we are wrong.

So now that comes to gun control. I am more on the side of gun control than being on the other side. I know a lot of people want to debate their position of the issue and it may sound harsh but everyone is wrong. This includes me because I am tired of reading people debating whether they are for the 2nd amendment and those who oppose it going along with gun control.

Since I oppose debating and feel more on the side of gun control I want to see action happen. Well I am probably wrong and so is everyone else. Now is probably where people will say that I am wrong and what I am saying can’t be encouraging.

What I am saying that is encouraging now is that we are all wrong because there is an answer out there that none of us has come to mind. Plus I don’t think we will have a solution to either politics or gun control until we accept the fact we are wrong. I believe we will be better people by admitting that we are wrong and the problems in our country along with the rest of the world we admit to being wrong. So I have said and now let’s go toward the goal of solving the issues that cripple our country and world. Amen!

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