Wednesday, February 28, 2018


How do we know we are living our life of purpose? First of all we are using our gifts and talents along with passion. The passion drives our gifts and talents however we question what we are doing even though we may be good at it; at this point though we are being successful but we don’t have passion than we have to think whether we are doing the right thing or not.

We may be good at what we are doing but only going through the actions instead of passion we should think whether it is our true purpose in life. We all have many talents and gifts so we will have to think what we have passion for and turn our direction toward them.

Our job doesn’t have to be our passion though it would really help. Our passion can be our hobbies or other things we do when we are not working. It would be nice to have passion for our job but it would not need to be. I am not saying we don’t have to work hard at our job which we should do but being passion doesn’t have to be necessary though we would be a lot happier that way. Of what we do during our free time can be as rewarding if not more so than what we do for being paid.

So not happy with what you are doing though you can be good at it search yourself to find the passion if you don’t know yet. We are created for a purpose and passion is supposed to be a major part of it. We are not here just to get by but with action. Yes action is what we can call passion as well. Remember we need to be all we are supposed to be. Amen!

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