Friday, March 23, 2018

A Great Talent

On Thursday with the trip to Seattle Center my sister, mother and I visited the Glass museum next to the Space Needle. One of the reasons we went there was that none of us had been at the museum before and another reason it was raining along with being cold. Mother didn’t want to walk a long distance either with her walker. She usually uses a cane around the house and her daily life but when going on trips like Seattle she likes using the walker.

Right now the Space Needle is closed for renovation however the crowds to the museum was good size for being off season. I don’t know when the Needle will be reopened but I am sure it will be when summer arrives.

I am going to show below a few pictures that I took at the museum. You can actually see glass sculptures as you may call them both inside the museum and some outdoors as well. There is a nice café in the museum to that you can have lunch. We realized to that it would be nice to come back at night because they would look even better then.

It was so nice to recognize the art’s talent and brings me to the point that we all have talent though might not be recognized by the masses but doesn’t make it any different the talent we have. I figure to that in the art world along with theatre, movies and music who we see are overnight sensations are not actually so. It takes hard work no matter what your talent is. Not everyone has the talent where you are recognized right away and sometimes it is plain luck to become an overnight sensation.

This leads to again about our purpose and destiny in this life. For some it will happen where many will recognize and enjoy our talents while the rest of us it will be only by a small mass but doesn’t change our purpose why were created. Who knows we could be the next overnight sensation however the most important thing is to do your talents and gifting because if we can change one person’s life we have done our job.


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