Saturday, April 7, 2018


One of the greatest feelings in life is when someone can accomplish something. I am sure we all remember those times in our lives along with family, friends and those we mentor.

Some accomplishments come fairly easy for many like when a little child goes from crawling to walking or when they can talk in their native language. We seem to celebrate under those accomplishments. Of course there are those who may take longer to accomplish the walking or talking then most and we celebrate even more so. I didn’t start talking English until I was five years old because of having a hearing problem. I don’t remember the experience myself however I am sure my family were overjoyed when it happened. I do remember though the accomplishment to be able to say the alphabet for the first time and being able to read complete sentences. I wasn’t able to read my grade level until I was fifteen years old so that was an accomplishment that I was very happy about. Another accomplishment was later on when I decided go to community college to get an associate’s degree in business. Growing up though I had accomplishments like reading and writing I wasn’t a big fan of school anytime we had holiday’s I was happy not to go to school so attending college was a big deal. I didn’t really have any idea how well I would do at college since my grade point average in high school wasn’t that good however not only did I accomplish the goal of getting my degree I graduated with honors.

Now with our purpose in life we can still celebrate our accomplishments including helping others accomplish their goals. So let’s set goals to see what we can accomplish today. We could do so by doing something we have never done before or we haven’t done in a long time. Also it could be project we have started that we go to finishing it off. No matter how old we are accomplishments can still be done even if it takes us longer to do so. Remember to have a good time as well. Amen!


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