Friday, April 20, 2018

Being Bold

I have mentioned before that we all have gifts and talents. Some of them we don’t use as often as others. I think being bold is one of them that aren’t used as often. This would depend on the individual and what is going on in his/her life.

I believe an example of being bold is when you believe something strongly and you stand up for your beliefs. A situation where others need to know how you feel. One situation I think of is going to a city council meeting because something is going on that you don’t agree with and you feel they need to know. You may have to raise your hand to be heard when the issue comes up that you disagree with or even when the issue doesn’t come up.

I believe that being bold isn’t something that comes natural for most possibly even the person who becomes bold. Another thing is that I believe we have to use wisdom when we get into these situations as well or we will come across where those we are talking to have ears not to listen. It doesn’t mean that you use wisdom only when being bold but using wisdom when you do.

Another thing I believe is that when someone speaks with boldness they will surprise all the others around them unless they do so on a regular occasion.

So don’t be afraid to be bold when the circumstances arise. I am sure that you will surprise yourself as much as those you are speaking to.

Some gifts like boldness only need to be used when the opportunity arises. I would call them special gifts. Don’t be afraid to use these gifts. You may surprise yourself too.

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