Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Doing Good

As you know I am here to encourage everyone about our purpose in life. I think a lot of what I am going say along with love and truth. Also I want our lives have great meaning and I don’t judge either.

Anyway as a Christian I am commanded to do good works and deeds however it is not how we earn our way into heaven. I have heard answers from many people when asked when they die will they go to heaven and why they deserve to do so. Unless they are a Christian they say usually “I am a good person.”  I am sure most people try to be good people and there are some who believer that they do good works gives them a reason to have a place in heaven. The truth is that none of us has done enough good works to enter into heaven. We may see ourselves in a way that makes us believe that we can enter heaven because we are good people as well.

The thing is that God has a higher standard than what we believe unless he reveals the truth to us. He is a Holy God and expects us to be holy as well. We all fall short because we have missed the mark of holiness on a lot of occasions. This is the reason we celebrated Easter almost two weeks ago. If you have been angry or didn’t love someone at some point of your life you have missed the mark. This is the reason why Jesus Christ came to pay the penalty of us missing the mark or in other terms sinned. We believe in Jesus Christ and accept him as our Lord and Savior this allows us to enter heaven. We may try all sorts of ways to get his approval but in the end there is no other way into heaven unless you are perfect and holy. Far as I know none of us meets the goal of being holy.

The next question would be “why do we want to do good works or deeds if they don’t allow us into heaven?” The answer is because we want to without any strings attached. Also God will honor us for our good works and deeds. I know that sounds contrary to what I said before. Getting into heaven is not by our good works but we will be honored for them. Yes we will continue missing the mark on occasion however believing in Jesus Christ allows us to enter heaven. Living our life of purpose will give us joy along the path because it is the reason we were created. I am happy because I am able to encourage and lift others up. Like I say I am not here to judge. Just reminding that it is not good works that is the pass into heaven; no matter how hard we try it doesn’t work however we will be honored for doing our best. Also tells us that we can’t live on our own strength and we have to turn to God for that. Another thing is that he has given us free will. He loves us enough that he doesn’t force his will on us. We do so because we choose to. Amen!

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