Thursday, April 12, 2018

Happy Face!!

No matter how we feel or going through putting on a happy face is a good idea. I think that a lot of people who put on a happy face are not doing it real or in another term it is a fake happy face.  It is sort of like when someone asks you how are you and you respond by saying OK. I believe a lot depends on the tone of your voice whether you are or not. I am not sure the same goes for a happy face it might be harder to know whether it is real or fake. In any case putting on a happy face is a good idea. If we do it often enough we may have a genuine one. I am not sure the same goes for saying I am OK.

I remember once at church a woman asks me how I was doing. I am sure she was expecting the same answer as most give when she asks the question or she didn’t listen. Whatever the case I wasn’t doing well that morning and I said I wasn’t OK. I don’t remember why I wasn’t doing well on that Sunday morning however she responded back “that’s nice.” Made me wonder how many people ask the question really mean it at all or not. I haven’t answered I am not doing well since that day. It is not like I haven’t reached out to others because I have. I don’t wait until someone ask me that question.

I have wondered about what goes on with those who never put on a happy face. Is it that they are never happy or is it just how they are? There is a woman at my mother’s church that whenever I see her she never smiles. It doesn’t mean she isn’t happy because going to church with my mother on Good Friday I noticed her talking with some after the service and she started laughing. It was the first time I had seen her laugh as well however I am sure it isn’t her first time. There is a good possibility that she puts on a happy face at times I just haven’t seen it myself. Usually I see her walking into church while I leave my mother off of for church. Yes I attend church but I go to another one that is less than five minutes from mother’s church. I have had people wonder I don’t attend the same church as mother. Well I grew up in that church however when I became a true follower of Christ I continued attending for a few years but I didn’t feel that my spiritual life was not increasing so I made the decision go to another church. Nothing against my mother’s church because I do enjoy the time there when I do attend on occasions but I just didn’t’ grow there.

Anyway putting on a happy face is a choice we have like everything else we actually choose to do. Whether you are happy or not in the inside doing so after a while your inside may feel happy as well no matter what is going around you. At least something to try anyway I feel. What do you have to lose?

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