Saturday, May 5, 2018

A Warm Feeling

Saturday my church Harborview Fellowship in Gig Harbor we are having what is called the Summit. It is actually the first edition for this and hopes to be a success for many years to come. We will be hearing some teaching plus a time where those are there will receive words of encouragement. I am one of those on the ministry team that will give out words of encouragement. We will have nine sessions going for ten minutes each.

I believe that when we share our gifts and talents with others we can go away with warm feelings. I know this will be how I will feel at the end of Saturday. I hope that each person that I speak to will go away with joy in their hearts. They may hear words that they have never heard before or words that confirm what they have heard.

Under these circumstances it is easy to think that you are really special or great. We are equally special I have to say right now. We are not greater than another person however in our humanity it is easy to feel that way. What each of us must do than is humble ourselves; not an easy task at all but necessary. Our gifts and talents don’t make us the person we are they are the purpose we are here; our personality along with our hearts, body and soul that make us who we are.

I want each of you know how much I appreciate you. I want to encourage each of you in whatever part that I play in your life.  I have a warm feeling for writing to you every day. Thank you so much.

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