Friday, May 11, 2018

Sense of Humor

We have in our lives a personality along with gifts and talents. I believe that sense of humor fits into all three. I would have to think more about other traits that would be part of our personality but I expect they would be included in gifts and or talents too.

I believe that having a sense of humor can help others at the right time. What I mean people at certain times need a dose of humor. Situations can happen where humor can be a release point. For example someone you have been close with has died you go through a period of mourning and grief. I find that at funerals or memorials when sharing about the person  laughter happens. It doesn’t take the grieving away but it does make us feel better for a little while to think   about occasions in the person’s life that were funny. In fact months and years later when we think about the person funny things will come to mind again. We most likely remember what was said at the funeral or memorial and bring up other special occasions we spent with the person.

Though I see having a sense of humor being part of someone’s personality along with talent and gifting I see it most for being a gift. A gift we think of something we give on special occasions like a birthday, a wedding or Christmas though  humor is used more often than what we would identify as a special occasion I think it is a gift that keeps on giving. Those who use humor may not even realize how much it can affect other people around them. You can make someone’s day very good that wasn’t having a good day before you saw them. Humor is a gift that can bring healing to someone.

When my nephew Ian was in high school one summer he was a counselor at camp. Actually he attended the same camp when he was the same ages the kids that were attending. After the camp was over he received a letter from a fellow counselor and she told him to keep using his humor because it is special. She was able to make it through camp despite circumstances because of his humor.

I know to there are other gifts and talents that do the same thing to help others. So my encouragement is to use your gifts and talents often as you can. This was the reason you were given them as a purpose. Amen!

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